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Amity Veterinary Clinic provides high value wellness and preventative veterinary care throughout our clinic. Wellness care includes every area of your pet’s life—nutrition, routine check-ups, vaccines, and other annual diagnostic testing.

We also believe in giving pets the same care and facilities we would want for ourselves from maintaining a completely hygienic hospital to using special bedding and having appropriate nursing levels to ensure patients receive the care and attention they deserve.

In our two operating rooms and sterile operating theatre, our veterinary surgeons are trained to perform almost all surgeries ranging from soft-tissue, tumour removals to complex orthopaedic surgeries. For procedures that extend past the scope of a general practitioner, we have consulting specialists who visit our clinic on a regular basis. This means that your pet will receive treatment from experienced surgeons, performing to the highest standard of surgery.

Along with regular veterinary exams, there are vital steps in safeguarding your pet’s health. Preventative health care such as vaccinations, heartworm prevention, flea/tick and deworming treatments all play an important role in the long-term wellness of your pet. One of the most important services our practices offer is routine check-ups. Twice yearly health checks are important to identify any potential health problems or age-related illness.

Additionally one of the most important services our practices offer is routine check-ups. Twice yearly health checks are important to identify and mitigate any potential health problems or age-related illness.


Our Hospitalization: Our isolation units, hospitalisations areas & in house laboratory procides us with the capability to include regular to ensure the timely issuance of scripted medications plus availability of highly nutritious "recovery food" to maximise the recovery process for your pet.

Surgical & Dental Care

2 x Fully Equipped Surgery Rooms: Our multiple dedicated surgery rooms and surgery preparation areas can receive multiple inpatients due to the spacious floor space and state of the art equipment. All minor and major surgical work can be performed with a quick post-surgery trip to the recovery rooms for patients to be monitored after every surgery until they recover from the anaesthetic.

Diagnostic Care

Full Diagnostic Care Capabilities: Our state of the art imaging equipment will provide you with the best quality diagnostic images whilst ensuring the highest standards of safety. Within a few minutes of completing the X-ray or ultrasound procedure, your treating doctor will have the results which will allow for efficient and timely evolution to the treatment stage.

Medical Care

3 Complete Consultation Rooms: Our consultation rooms are equipped with state of the art equipment to allow for all of the outpatient procedures to be carried out onsite, including diagnostic and vaccination services.