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Who we are:

Amity Veterinary Clinic is a family owned practice, who are dedicated animal lovers and want to enhance the way things are done. To this end we have identified and recruited some of the most enthusiastic and professional staff who have the warmth of a friend, the wisdom and skill of an expert, and the passion of a pet owner.

Our staff are committed to providing you with simple to understand yet comprehensive healthcare information. We approach the care and wellbeing of your pet as if they were our own. We invest ourselves emotionally as well as professionally so you can be assured that your pet is in the best hands.

If your pet is an important and much-loved part of your family; then you will feel comfortable in knowing that we always deliver exceptional, comprehensive care to ensure your pet gets better faster and lives an optimally healthy life. You have nothing to worry about and everything to enjoy. You can rely on us and trust us because there is simply no better choice for your pet.

Our Commitment:

We are developing a unique approach to veterinary medicine which contains at its core a philosophy that “knowledge is power” which means that at every step we will give you reliable answers and the best solutions for your pet’s individual needs. We will explain in detail without the technical jargon, exactly what is going on with your pet and if a treatment or surgery is required, we will always give you all of the options, while at the same time being aware of our role as the advocate of your pet.

How this works in a practical sense is that when it comes to ordering tests to work out a diagnosis, we will not conduct all the tests and then look at the results to work out a diagnosis, rather we will work in a step-wise fashion to get to the diagnosis quicker without ordering unnecessary tests. For example, we may recommend a blood test, x-rays and an ultrasound to work out why your dog or cat is vomiting. But if after doing the blood test, we have a definitive answer, we may not persevere with the other tests, limiting your pet’s discomfort and saving you money.